We are your partner in providing best-in-class installation of LED outdoor lighting solutions that are efficient, economical, and capable of covering all costs from impressive savings.

Analysis and Site Survey

Matching Best-in-Class Products to Lighting Needs

At Metro LED Lighting, we start by working with our clients to understand the property, its operations, and conditions. Lighting site surveys / audits and interviews are conducted to examine construction, conditions, existing costs, and challenges that may be present. By fully understanding the properties use, schedules, allows us to match needs to the LED lighting system. Our goal is to provide a lighting solution to meet client requirements, contact us for a free consultation

Engineering and Economic Analysis

Engineering Lighting Systems and Advanced Controls

Coupled with strong site analysis, our engineering platform performs routine advanced lighting simulations with confidence. Our models include projected efficiency levels for installation as well as estimates for the rest of the lifespan. We design with the goal of meeting efficient total cost of ownership and applicable standards.

Build Out and Project Management

Design-Build of Lighting Systems

We are experienced in coordinating, working and partnering with ESCOs and Electrical Contractors. Based upon client needs, we can be engaged to design a project and work with a licensed electrical contractor to install a client's outdoor lighting system.

Existing Lighting Conditions Audit

Outdoor lighting auditing is a key step to gain a comprehensive understanding of the lighting requirements and installation environment. We collect and sketch building site plans to analyze the energy use of existing lighting fixtures to understand site conditions that are affecting operations.

Outdoor Lighting Economic Analysis

The outdoor lighting economic analysis provides our clients with investment measures, and total cost of ownership. We factor first costs, rebates, operating and maintenance costs, to project investment measures such as payback, and return on investment. Also included is an analysis of leasing. The comprehensive model projects future costs based upon regional, and historic trends to create a ten year total cost of ownership report.

Project Management and DLC Energy Rebates

Our offerings include full coordination in the ordering and installation based on your needs. We consult with electrical contractors to assure plans meet field conditions and design objectives. We take pride in efficient installations that minimize client disruptions. Post installation audits can be provided to ensure requirements are met for DLC rebates from other utilities or government related programs.

Contact us to begin the process of obtaining these benefits for your properties.