Area Lights

LED Area Lighting fixtures illuminate large expanses of parking lots, driveways, corporate campuses, streets and roadways. These luminaires provide advanced optics to engineer light patterns for effective coverage, while meeting outdoor lighting standards. All these LED fixtures provide substantial energy and maintenance savings.

Post Top Lighting

LED Post Top, Lanterns and Retrofit Kits are designed for upgrading traditional decorative pole lighting, while offering a very cost effective way to improve outdoor lighting quality and reduce energy costs. They have the added benefits of removing the need for routine re-lamping required of MH Lamps and HPS Lamps used in these decorative luminaires.

Canopy Light Fixtures

LED Canopy lights provide energy efficient and high quality lighting around covered building entrances, on overhangs, and under eaves. These LED fixtures are versatile in design and can be used for either surface mounting on ceiling surfaces or as flush mounted recessed fixtures. They are available in a wide range of wattage/ lumen packages to support required lighting levels.

Flood Light

LED Floodlights use advanced optics to create wide distributions of light to illuminate large areas such as parking lots and building facades, or utility applications for instance lighting a flag pole or a sign. A large variety of LED fixtures with an extensive range lumens and wattages are available to meet commercial outdoor lighting requirements. Many of these models are DLC Listed for rebates, making a compelling case for replacing expensive to run HID Floodlight fixtures.

Cobra Head

Cobra head street light fixtures are ideal for parking lots, roadways, streets and general area lighting. These Cobra Head luminaries are available in a wide range of lighting patterns/ IES distribution to provide effective and often improved outdoor lighting. A number of mounting options are available to adapt to existing pole lighting infrastructure.

Garage Fixture

Parking Garage Lighting requires tough fixtures to withstand environmental conditions and needs to be rugged to prevent vandalism. These LED Parking Garage Lights provide large energy savings and virtually eliminate maintenance costs. They are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of parking garage lighting demands and requirements.

High Bay

LED High Bay lighting provides industrial and commercial spaces with energy savings, along with greatly reduced energy-costs and maintenance. These high bay lighting environments are particularly hard to service, making traditional fluorescent and metal halide lamps, a costly environment to maintain. By retrofitting these obsolete lamped based fluorescent or metal fixtures a very high ROI can be achieved with rapid paybacks period.

Wall Packs

LED Wallpacks are highly versatile wall mounted fixtures providing general illumination for security around entrances, building perimeters, and other applications. These wallpacks range from low wattages for over doorways to high lumen lighting fixtures that flood a wall surface.

Indoor Fixtures

LED Indoor Lighting provides the opportunity to lower costs through energy savings and no routine maintenance costs from expensive re-lamping of fluorescent fixtures. Additionally, as an efficient LED indoor fixture, these lights can use Advanced Lighting Controls for further savings via dimming and occupancy controls. Furthermore, these lights have no hum or flicker and improve the lighting quality. Many of these indoor lighting fixtures qualify for rebates which make for high ROI retrofits.

Intelligent Lighting Controls

Wireless Lighting Controls provide substantial energy savings by dimming and managing LED lighting fixtures. These lighting control systems consist of intelligent cloud-based server software, gateways to concentrate lighting fixture sensors, and wireless sensors on the fixtures. These controls are able to be used with a wide variety of LED fixtures and outdoor lighting applications, often providing up to 90% savings.

Soffit Lighting

LED Soffit Lighting provides surface or recess mount luminaires for lighting building perimeters, entrances, or under canopies. These fixtures are very similar to canopy fixtures, but are typically of lower wattages for use in the lower mounting heights typically found in this outdoor lighting application. These are very energy efficient retrofits for incandescent lamps, and HID fixtures.

Low Bay

LED Low Bay fixtures are typically used in lower ceiling applications for industrial, warehouse, or other utility lighting application. They are required to rugged and long lasting, yet produce high light levels support visual acuity and the tasks typically performed in these space. These commercial LED fixtures are available in a wide range of lumen/ wattage levels to meet the required lighting design for these low-bay space.


Replacing LED troffers offer the ability to achieve 70% energy saving or more compared to fluorescent lamp fixtures. These fixtures are available in a variety of styles, such as, 1x4, 2x2 or 2x4 ceiling troffers, and as retrofit kits for existing ceiling fixtures. LED Linear lamps are also available that include advanced lighting controls for upgrading decorative and architectural fluorescent lamp fixtures. Advanced lighting controls are available to provide daylight harvesting, occupancy sensor and energy management to maximize energy savings.

Quick Ship Fixtures

LED Indoor and Outdoor fixtures available for quick shipment. Available for fast shipment within two weeks and often quicker, without the typical wait times for custom fixture. These quick shipment LED fixtures are designed to save energy, be economical and competitive with existing legacy lighting systems.

Linear Fixtures

LED Linear fixtures or strip lighting are solutions to replace fluorescent lamped fixtures, shop lights, and other types of wrap lights with high efficiency, low maintenance and energy efficient general lighting. These LED linear lights are perfect for use in offices, work shop rooms, garages, convention centers and conference rooms, and other areas that need general illumination. They are typically installed surface mounted, channel mounted, or with pendant / suspended wire mounts. Styles range from utility lights for workroom or storage rooms to architectural suspended lighting for offices, conference room, or other commercial uses.