Parking Lot Lighting

Well-designed parking lot lights provides the user with light levels and low contrast ratios to assure the easy identification of pedestrians and cars in a parking lot environment. By providing uniformity of luminance and by meeting the visual needs of drivers, these commercial LED Parking Lot Lights provide the illumination needed to safely navigate a parking lot. These LED outdoor commercial lighting fixtures minimize glare, light pollution, light trespass, and increase appeal of a parking lot. These LED pole lights have low installation costs, consume much less electricity, and minimize the cost of ownership.

Street Lighting

LED Street Lighting has the potential to both improve the visual environment, improving safety, while lowering costs of electricity and maintenance. Typical legacy roadway lighting systems such as Cobra Head Fixtures, or Shoebox Lights, relied upon Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps. The luminaires in this Street Lighting guide all offer effective replacements for these fixtures, with saving that often exceed 80% over these traditional High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp based systems. LED Roadway Lighting offers an effective means to lower costs of maintenance and achieve a high ROI via energy efficiency savings.

Decorative Pole Fixtures/ Lanterns

LED Retrofit kits for decorative pole lighting and lanterns offers the opportunity to improve energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs. Decorative pole LED Retrofit Kits and luminaires hare available in many varieties of fixtures from post tops, to lanterns, pendants, teardrops, and other custom styles of fixtures. This LED Decorative Lighting Guide provides numerous options to upgrade these fixtures to highly effective and lower cost LED lighting.

Garage Lighting

Converting a garage lighting system from HID or Fluorescents Fixtures to LED Fixtures, provides a very high return on investment (ROI), and quick paybacks. Commercial Parking Garages are demanding settings, both from an environment view, and the potential for vandalism. There are numerous types of spaces that require lighting, ranging the parking garage aisle, stairwells, lobbies, to roof decks that need to be lit well, and efficiently. This guide provides and overview of LED Lighting for Commercial Garages, and the benefits of using LED Luminaires.

Office Lighting

Offices and workspaces are complex environments to light efficiently because of their large range of uses and differing visual tasks. By retrofitting office lighting, companies can benefit from both efficient and effective office lighting. Retrofitting is an affordable and high return on investment project, through its lowered electric costs and high energy efficiency. . These fixtures offer an improvement to the office environment by enhancing the lighting quality. These LED fixtures offer very high color rendering indexes, and improvements to the way light is delivered to work surfaces and the general office environment, leading to higher productivity and comfort in the workplace.