Reliable, Complete Solutions to LED Lighting

High Efficiency LED Pole Lighting on a Parking Deck Partnering is our key to delivery of LED lighting solutions that are energy efficient and cost effective. We do this by supplying LED lighting that saves customer's expenses. We apply our professional expertise in marketing, economic analysis, and sales to win lighting projects. We focus on delivery of LED lighting solutions, which are effective and lower costs by being energy efficient. Our LED lighting solutions are reliable, rugged and cost effective in commercial and institutional markets.

We work with lighting manufacturers, and other specialized companies to provide advanced LED lighting solutions meeting demanding customer requirements. As an LED lighting solutions provider, we deliver energy efficient solutions to our customers, this is at the core of Metro's capabilities.

Electric Contractor Partnering

Metro LED Lighting partners with contractors to meet indoor and outdoor lighting requirements using cost-effective, efficient and effective LED fixtures. Metro LED understands the complexities of lighting project and how to integrate with your project's workflows. We team with electrical contractors to deliver lighting projects and provide no-cost services from field surveys to utility rebates.

Advanced Technical Services for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Applications

No Cost Services for Advanced LED Lighting SolutionsMetro provides expertise, at your service, to deliver cost-effective LED lighting systems. Our partnering services enable you to deliver advanced lighting solutions effectively. The results are a cost-effective means to lower your customer’s electric bills, and to develop new opportunities for your electrical contracting business.

By providing our expertise and knowledge of constantly changing lighting technologies, we deliver comprehensive lighting solutions to our electrical contractor partners. We work with you to implement advanced lighting systems using the best practices available. Metro’s lighting solutions meet the most demanding of field requirements. We understand the complexities of LED Lighting, and how to integrate with your project’s work flows.

Products and Services to Delivery Cost-Effective LED Lighting Solutions for Electrical Contractors

LED Lighting Product Procurement with Quick Ship OptionsOur portfolio of products and services complement your electrical field expertise and construction experience. We supplement your services, so that you can compete with other energy services companies. Metro LED Lighting delivers:

  • Field Services to Survey Lighting Conditions and Performing Lighting Audits
  • Lighting Design and Control Strategies to Obtain the Most Energy Efficient Solutions
  • Development of Product Schedules that Qualify for Rebates and On-bill financing Options
  • Provide Competitive Sourcing of Complete Lighting Solutions and Advanced Control Options for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
  • Delivery and Logistical Support from the Small Project to Major Installations
  • Field Warranty Services to provide additional levels of protection to the client

Sourcing of Lighting Products from Highly Qualified Vendors

We lower your cost of operations, by competitively sourcing from high quality, qualified vendor with no compromise in the lighting system’s performance.

Sourcing strategies are designed to meet engineering, price and schedule requirements. This process includes comparison of quick ship sourcing options vs. sourcing from build-to-order lighting products. We explore options to define the most cost-effect lighting strategy and solutions.

By using Metro’s lighting expertise in consultation with your projects requirements, we provide a portfolio of products, from the simplest LED lamps, to complete indoor or outdoor lighting solutions, or the most advanced internet connected lighting system.

No-Cost Lighting Project Services

LED Lighting Field Audits, Design Services and DLC Products for Energy Efficiency UpgradesOur services provide a partnership that helps you build the most cost effective solution to your lighting equipment needs on your projects.

We provide field audits and lighting design support at no cost to create the schedules of lighting fixtures and controls that fits the project’s needs, which are competitive and deliver required performance. We provide services to:

  • Define applicable lighting systems meeting codes and standards
  • Designing and recommending lighting solutions to maximize rebates for the customer
  • Providing documentation for the customer, and plans/ schedules for your electricians
  • Sourcing each lighting system component from the most appropriate and cost effective supplier
  • Close collaboration with your field electricians to deliver solutions to the inevitable field conditions

LED Lighting Rebate Processing and On-Bill Financing

Rebates lowers the costs for the customer of new lighting. We provide expertise in obtaining these rebates for the property owner, and enable our contracting partners to be competitive on lighting projects. We work with local utility programs to:

  • Design projects from the ground up, to meet rebates requirements,
  • Select lighting products for projects that meet DLC or other certifications requirements
  • Analyze the tradeoffs between products and rebate offerings to maximize paybacks and financial returns
  • Pre-qualify Customer’s Projects for the lighting rebate or on-bill financing, and
  • Work with the utilities to process the application to obtain the rebate Our technical expertise, assists your team in designing and selecting the right lighting products and solutions. Our goal is to deploy the most cost effective and advanced lighting taking into consideration compliance, availability, lead time and cost.

Built-in Field Services Fixture Warranty

Labor Service Warranty Protection Built Into Projects From the StartTo better meet customer expectations, Metro provides at no additional cost a labor service warranty that pays a set fee for each unexpected field service call.

This program is built into the cost of the fixture, and provides the customer protection from unexpected costs. This added feature provides enhanced services that differentiate your offering, and makes your services more competitive. This warranty program provides a means to make LED lighting even more worry free for the client.

This program can be seamlessly built into your lighting projects. Through our program, we provide your customers with an added level of comfort when upgrading their lighting. At Metro our lighting solutions and services deliver high energy savings. We manage lighting projects to reduce risks and lower your cost of installation.

Energy Service Companies (ESCO) Partnering

We use sales partnering to aide Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) in meeting their rigorous requirements for LED lighting to meet their performance guarantee contracts, energy efficiency requirements. These service all aides in providing rapid payback to the end user. As a sales partner, we aid ESCOs in addressing customer advanced LED lighting needs and projects.

LED Shoebox Fixtures at 80 watts used in street lighting/ driveway lighting application replacing 400 watt HPS fixtures, improving lighting quality, uniformity and brightness

Outdoor LED Lighting Solution Sets

Metro LED Lighting supplies LED fixtures that are rigorously qualified for performance, longevity and the ability to produce quality lighting systems. In selecting outdoor lighting or other fixtures for our partners, our LED Engineers and Lighting Experts analyze the underlying LED performance, and the efficiency of the fixture. We conduct detail review of the LED drivers; examine how the LED fixture dissipates heat, review the optical performance of the light engines, and assess how they perform in the field. We always seek to supply SSL luminaires that deliver economic benefit and rapid paybacks to our clients.

LED Area Lighting, from Sansi Lighting used in a Parking Lot Application, providing excellent throw, and lighting distribution

Partnering Services Integrating with ESCO Practices

When designing lighting installations, Metro LED Lighting follows the best practices of IES, and seeks to use DLC qualified fixtures qualified for rebates. Our engineered lighting designs use the data from LM-79/80 reports, and AGI32 to simulate the lighting system. Our engineers and team apply the latest standards, and have skills that range from LED engineering, lighting system design, and in-depth skills in electronics, as well as, architectural and landscape design.

Engineering Expertise in LED Outdoor Lighting Supplementing ESCO Services

Our services and engineering in outdoor lighting are designed to fit with the best practices of the ESCO community. We can provide assistance to your staff in conducting preliminary audits, investment grade audits, the engineering of the system, and aide your measurement and validation services. We can if desired, provide needed schedules and supporting documentation to meet your performance guarantee contracting requirements.

Manufacturer Partnering

We provide our partners / agents with access to cost-effective, competitive LED lighting solutions. We have a portfolio of LED lighting suppliers and technologies, which we use to create lighting solutions that our Lighting Professional Agents and Metro LED Lighting use to attract customers and win projects. Our professional expertise and advance sales tools are used to help our Lighting Professional Partners, gain customers for advanced LED lighting systems.

LED Shoebox, 80 watts from Evolucia Lighting used in a parking lot applications that lower the cost of ownership and improved the office park lighting

Lowering the Cost of the Sales Cycle with LED Lighting Fixtures, Products, and Services from Metro LED Lighting

LED Lighting Technologies are rapidly advancing, and customers now have more options than ever, resulting in complex and lengthening sales cycles. Metro LED Lighting as your business and sales partner provides expertise and tools to lower your overall costs in addressing customer's requirements. We provide expert services enabling our partners to attract and close LED lighting system sales. We achieve this by providing core customer education, lighting engineering and design, economic analysis to demonstrate to your customer the advantages of using our LED fixtures.

LED Parking Garage Lighting using the GL-50 from IntenCity Lighting, lowering operating costs in this Commercial Parking Facility

LED Lighting: Customer Success in Building Revenues

We work with our LED Lighting Partners by providing them with the sales tools to generate customer interest. We can participate in the sales cycle, lending creditability and expertise to supplement your staff. We aide in developing sales by helping you create the lighting design and engineering, completing economic analysis, and addressing rebate availability, to help you close the customer opportunity. To build additional sales opportunities we can work with you to create customer success stories, and build visibility for your outdoor lighting projects.

Introducing Quality SSL Technology to the LED Lighting Markets

We build LED lighting system portfolios of products that are best suited for a variety demanding conditions found in municipal, universities, schools, hospitals and commercial settings. Our portfolio of LED lighting fixtures become part of our product offerings by our examination of the core technologies, their performance, developing an understanding of the how they are applied to a customer problem, and how they can be economically justified in the customer's installation.

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