LED Retrofit for Decorative Pole Lights - LED Area Light New Options

LED Retrofit for Decorative Pole Lighting and Downlights

LED Retrofit for Decorative Pole Lighting - For Teardrop, Skirted Fixtures

Sansi Lighting has introduced a new retrofit LED lighting engine for decorative downlights. It is a highly engineered solution to upgrade teardrop, decorative pole lights, skirted fixtures or other custom outdoor lighting to an energy efficient solution. It is a highly affordable retrofit, available wide range of wattage/lumen combinations and color temperatures. Select models of the LED lamp are DLC listed and eligible for rebates.

  • 20W to 150W LED retrofit, as a replacement for up to 400W HID lamps
  • 105 lm per watt, reducing energy consumption often up to 70%
  • Wide range of CCTs – 3,000K, 4,000K, 5,000K from warm white to bright white (similar to metal halide lamps)
  • Three sizes of Sansi Lighting Retro-plates are available 8.7”, 12.2”, and 13.5”to fit many decorative pole lighting fixture styles
  • Extensive range of optics available including IES distributions – Type III, Type V, and other optical  distributions of narrow, medium and wide beams

For historic districts, campuses or anyplace with a prized down light fixtures, this affordable upgrade lowers costs, while improving outdoor lighting.

LED Area Light:  Replacement for High Wattage Metal Halide Lamps

LED Fixture for Parking Lots and Other Area Lighting

The LED area light from Sansi Lighting is now available in models up to 480 W/ 48,000 lumens. With the new model, this area light/ floodlight is a highly effective replacement for up to 1,500 watt metal halide lamps, or for tall HID pole lighting. As a high-efficiency LED fixture that produces 100 lm per watt it can lower energy costs often by up to 70%. Going from a 1,500 W metal halide lamp to 480 W LED area light fixture can save $867 per year of electricity cost (at $0.15 per KwH). This replacement, provides the opportunity to replace the largest consumers of electricity in your outdoor lighting.

  • LED Area Light available in models from 50W to 480W, with DLC rebate available
  • 5,000 lumens to 48,000 lumens
  • 100 lm/ watt per watt energy efficient
  • Extensive range of IES distribution Types IS, IIS, IIIS, IIM, IIIM, V
  • 347/480 VAC options available
  • Full dimming control options available
  • CCTs available 4,000K, 5000K (2,700K, 3000K options available)
  • Extensive range of mounting options available

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