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Resources and References - Decorative Pole Lighting

LED Post-Top Lighting: Central Park, New York City

Post Top Lighting Analysis in Central Park – A DOE Gateway Brief Central Park in NYC has an extensive network of pathway lighting, this DOE Brief outlines the trial of LED post top mounted luminaries that were evaluated against the existing metal halide luminaries, They found that energy saving were up to 83%. Engineering the lighting systems for pathway lighting requires careful attention to pole spacing, illuminance characteristics of the fixture, distribution, and color quality in this outdoor lighting application.

Post Top Lighting with LEDs in Central Park NYC (PDF)

Lighting for Safety and Security

Lighting for Safety and Security This National Lighting Bureau report provides a series of resources and recommendation for improvements to outdoor lighting that has the potential for improving safety and security, while improving paybacks and return on investments. The reference report outlines options for specifying lamps, luminaire, poles and controls, along with guidelines on specifying outdoor lighting systems.

Lighting for Safety and Security Report

DOE Report on Pedestrian Friendly Lighting using SSL Solutions

DOE Report on Pedestrian Friendly Lighting DOE undertook a project to establish criteria for pedestrian lighting and how it can be improved through the use of solid-state lighting (SSL) solutions. Among their finding are that lower lumen luminaires may be preferred in neighborhood lighting. SSL fixtures that spread lighting over larger areas reduce perception of glare. Less optical punch provides a softer more visually comfortable environment. Warmer color light is often preferred in historic or traditional looking setting. The DOE report includes numerous observations by pedestrians, engineering professionals, lighting designers, and researcher/ scientists.

LED Pedestrian Friendly Lighting

Webinar – Pedestrian Friendly Nighttime Lighting

DOE Webinar - Pedestrian Friendly Lighting This November 19, 2013 webinar presented considerations relating to pedestrian-friendly nighttime lighting. Critical issues examined include color rendering, safety, and adaptation. Outdoor lighting, traditionally in this application has been focused on foot-candles and uniformity, efficacy, pole spacing, and lighting cutoff/ trespass. But other criteria has become important in many of these post top lighting applications. Discussed in this webinar are the types of communities and spaces that should consider pedestrian-friendly outdoor lighting, what pedestrian-friendly lighting looks like, the basic principles of glare control, color and visibility, and lighting metrics.

Webinar LED Pedestrian Friendly Lighting

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