Case Study - LED Parking Lot Lighting

Case Study - LED Parking Lot Lighting

Converting 400W Metal Halide HID Fixtures to LED Lighting

At a central New York Housing Authority, the existing HID 400 watt metal halide fixtures were upgraded to very high efficiency and effective LED lighting. The upgrade resulted in much better lighting quality, enhanced visibility and much more uniformm lighting, while lowering electric costs and virtually eliminating maintenance. These fixtures are 105 watt LED Area Lighting fixtures from Eye Lighting. They are the Aphos brand fixtures, mounted about 30 feet above grade.

LED Parking Lot Lights, 5,000K, 105 Watts

LED Parking Lot Lighting Retrofitting 400W MH Fixtures

In the far left corner, notice the color difference contrasting with the HPS Street Lights. The 5,000K LED Parking Lot Lights, with a much higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) provides much more natural lighting and rendering of colors. The 5,000K Color Temperature (CCT) results in a cleaner light with more visual acuity to aid safety and security in this parking lot lighting application.

LED Parking Lot Fixtures Sidewalk Lighting

These Parking Lighting Fixtures from Eye Lighting, providing superior lensing to direct the lighting distribution to where it is most effectively being used. Installed at this location was an IES Distribution Type V fixture. This IES Distribution was selected to provide a wide pattern of light distribution to cover not only the parking lot, but also adjacent features such as the sidewalks, and grass areas.

LED Parking Lot Fixtures Deployed 
Fixture Information Technical Specs
Model RW-L10 Watts 105
Rebates DLC Lumens/ Watt 101.5 lm/ W
Warranty 5 Years Lumens 10,667 lm
Size 10.5" W x 23.5" L x 4.0" D L-70 Hours 162,000
Weight 18 lbs CRI >70
Colors Silver Distribution Type V Medium
Options NEMA Photocell Volts 100-277VAC
Accessories n/a

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