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About Metro LED Lighting

LED Garage Lighting - High Performance and ROI Energy Efficient Investment Metro enables our clients to achieve best in class, efficient, and highest performance lighting systems. We are experts in LED core technologies, lighting engineering and design, controls, life-cycle economic analysis, and how to build lighting systems that perform well in commercial or institutional settings. Metro builds product partnerships with innovative and inventive solid-state lighting companies, and advanced control system providers, who bring superior product benefits to our clients. Metro addresses the needs of property owners for better and more efficient lighting.

Our services let owners reduce costs and improve properties, while meeting sustainability goals of lower energy use, less carbon use, and achieving efficiency metrics. Call us to learn more about the benefits of high quality, high ROI lighting.

Expertise in LED Lighting

Thomas Fake, Metro Lighting Group, Queensbury, NY

LED Garage Lighting One Year Payback Tom has over thirty years of experience of executive management and bringing innovative lighting products to market. He has worked with manufacturers, translating customer needs into products, and helping the research and development teams create new generations of products. Tom has in-depth experience in the optoelectronics and semiconductor industries. As President, he created Metro LED Lighting to provide a unique blend of lighting services and products addressing customer’s needs for advance lighting solution. He has developed key relationships with engineers, LED lighting manufacturers, and other industry professionals. Tom is an expert in designing and managing customer installations, strategic planning of LED solutions, and an entrepreneur who builds companies.

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Steven Talbot, Metro Lighting Group, Queensbury, NY

LED Lighting Project Management and Build Out Steven Talbot has extensive experience in developing product information, marketing, and design. With both an academic and practical background in architecture and design, he designed and superved construction contractual work. He has worked for the City of NY, building computer maps, and in large corporations supervising R&D, Marketing, and Corporate Development. He has also worked in Venture Capital and startups bringing new technologies to market. He has working knowledge in lighting technology and design from the RPI Lighting Research Center, where he examined new technologies to bring to market, as well as wrote grants to commercialize technologies. His expertise includes business development, communications, project management, operations, and executive management.

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Expertise in LED Lighting Design and DLC Rebates

LED Lighting Design Expertise and Services We partner with top lighting designers to assure that our installations meet IES standards and other requirements. We not only meet these standards but work to exceed these requirements, by providing a high quality lighting installation that is aesthetically pleasing, long lasting, and has rapid return on investment for our clients.

Expertise in Lighting Design

We partner with top lighting designers to assure that our installations meet IES standards or other requirements. We not only meet these standards but work to exceed them, by providing high quality lighting installations that are aesthetically pleasing, long lasting, and have rapid return on investment for our clients.

Expertise in Rebates and DLC Qualifications

Metro LED has worked extensively with NYSERDA, National Grid and other utilities to facilitate rebates on LED lighting projects. We have worked on both pre-qualified projects, and performance based programs. As part of our auditing services, we work with these partners to understand the current status of rebate programs and to meet the qualifications needed to maximize the ROI of the project through the use of rebates.

Through our partnering activities with manufacturers, we work with testing labs and the DesignLights Consortium process to qualify fixtures for the DLC list. Our engineers work with testing labs, as well as UL or ETL to obtain for our partners the documentation needed to support applications to be listed on the Qualified Products List.

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