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LED Outdoor Lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting substantially lowers costs, lasts longer, and requires no routine maintenance versus traditional HID lighting. These fixtures are specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions found in outdoor lighting. Find the LED fixture needed for your commercial, industrial or institutional facility.

LED Lighting Applications

Find the sets of LED fixtures needed for a wide variety of applications to solve tough lighting requirements in commercial, campus, institutional, or industrial lighting applications. We can engineer a lighting solution set to meet your specific needs across a wide variety of facilities.

Our Services

Project Management

Our offerings include full coordination in the ordering and installation based on your needs. We consult with electical contractors to assure plans meet field conditions and design objectives. We take pride in efficient installations that minimize client disruptions. Post installation audits can be provided to ensure requirements are met for DLC rebates from other utilities or government related programs.

Lighting Auditing

Outdoor lighting auditing is a key step to gain a comprehensive understanding of the lighting requirements and installation environment. We collect and sketch building site plans to analyze the energy use of existing lighting fixtures to understand site conditions that are affecting operations.

Lighting Systems Engineering

Coupled with strong site analysis, our engineering platform performs routine advanced lighting simulations with confidence. Our models include projected efficiency levels for installation as well as estimates for the rest of the lifespan. We design with the goal of meeting efficient total cost of ownership and applicable standards.



LED Lighting Solution Sets

Metro LED Lighting supplies LED fixtures that are rigorously qualified for performance, longevity and the ability to produce quality lighting systems. During the selection of outdoor lighting or other fixtures for our partners, our LED Engineers and Lighting Experts analyze the underlying LED performance to achieve maximum efficiency.

Integrating ESCO Practices

We design lighting installations following the best practices of IES and providing DLC Qualified fixtures for rebates. Our engineered lighting designs utilize laboratory data and AGI32 to simulate lighting systems. Our engineers apply the latest standards and posses skills that incorporate LED engineering, lighting systems design, electronics as well as architectural and landscape design.

Supplementing ESCO Service

Our services and engineering in lighting are designed to fit with the best practices of the ESCO community. We provide assistance in conducting audits, the engineering of the system, and also aid in your measurement and validation services. If required, schedules and supporting documentation can be provided to meet your performance guarantee requirements.

Partnering with Contractors

Sales partnering is our key in delivering LED lighting solutions that are energy efficient and cost effective. We supply LED lighting that saves the customer's expenses. Our focus is on providing LED lighting solutions that lower costs through reliable, rugged and cost effective implementations in today's commercial and institutional markets.


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