Jun 042014
Retrofitting Decorative Pole Lighting with LED Lamp - Fixtures

Decorative Pole lighting fixtures are very popular, widely used, and provide unique character in outdoor lighting applications. They are available in configurations such as pendant, teardrops, acorns, lanterns, and many other styles of globes. It is very beneficial to upgrade these fixtures to LED lamps, while maintaining their look and feel. They are often found in [...]

Aug 282013
Soffit Lighting with Remote Phosphors

Exceptional Remote Phosphor Lifetimes Obtained The LED Soffit Light with Remote Phosphors from IntenCity Lighting is a very high efficiency fixture that provides over 120 lumens per watt of light output from 25 watts of energy. Remote phosphors, which are used in the soffit light, are highly effective because they convert more energy into light. [...]

Aug 212013
Cobra Head Lighting Efficiency

LED Outdoor Area Lighting – DOE Snapshot Report The Department of Energy’s (DOE) LED Lighting Facts and their Snapshot Report, focuses on core metrics in outdoor lighting. For LED lighting products in the market, the DOE metrics include lumen output, energy use, luminous energy efficiency, color rendering index (CRI) and color temperature (CCT). A new [...]

Aug 132013
Pole Lighting and LED Retrofits

Decorative Pole Lighting – Retrofitting with LED Lamps and Fixtures Decorative pole lighting comes in an extraordinary variety of fixtures and design styles. These range from historic lantern poles, to modern cut-off fixtures. Common in many LED lighting retrofitting projects are the needs to lower energy costs, improve lighting quality, and as critical, the need [...]

Aug 022013
LED Soffit Lighting in Retail Operations

LED Soffit Fixtures Upgrading Retail Appearance and Energy Efficiency Soffit lighting is a very common outdoor lighting application in retail operations. This shopping center, with a very typical configuration, has installed the IntenCity Remote Phosphor LED Soffit Lights to illuminate the storefronts and canopy areas at this Dollar Tree retail location. The IntenCity Soffit Fixture [...]

Aug 012013
LED Garage Lighting from IntenCity Now DLC Listed

GL-40SV LED Garage Fixture Achieves DLC Qualification LED Garage Lighting with the GL-40SV, manufactured by IntenCity Lighting, has been qualified by the DesignLights Consortium (DLC), and is now eligible for rebates. This LED Garage fixture is designed for effective parking garage lighting, with low glare for user comfort, and high efficiency to lower electric costs. [...]

May 212013
Soffit Lighting with Remote Phosphors – LED Outdoor Lighting Portfolio

Soffit Lighting Retrofit of Retail & Commercial Properties The soffit lighting was upgraded at this mixed used retail, commercial property from 100 watt metal halide lamps to a 25 watt LED Soffit Fixtures from IntenCity Lighting. These soffit lighting fixtures use remote phosphor technology to achieve very high quality of light, at very low costs [...]

May 072013
Outdoor Lighting - Soffit Lighting Costs and Benefits

Commercial Outdoor Lighting - Lifetime Costs In commercial outdoor lighting, especially with fixtures as ubiquitous as soffit lighting, the cost of the fixture is one small part of the costs. When using HID soffit fixtures the cost of operating and maintaining outdoor lighting fixtures, often exceeds the purchase price by a factor that is eight times or more. Good decisions about outdoor [...]

Apr 162013
LED Lighting – Effective Soffit Lighting

Efficiency, Output, and Costs in Outdoor LED Lighting When installing a soffit light, or any outdoor lighting, the essential choice of what to use, is a tradeoff of efficiency, output and costs. A new Department of Energy (DOE) Lighting Fact Sheet, states that there has been a threefold improvement in efficiency in LED lighting since 2005 for LED fixtures and [...]